Frequently asked questions

The PSD isn’t included in your order. You will receive the edited version of the flyer with the information you request to put on your template.

The difference between our 2D & 3D options consists of - 2D: Everything is displayed in a 2-dimensional platform. Pictures are flat without depth, colors have few varying shades. 3D: 3 Dimensional platforms, pictures have depth and offer various perspectives, and also provides subtle shadows to make the image seem more realistic.

We have an easy 3 step ordering process! 1. Select your desired template 2. Choose your specifications and insert your information 3. Sit back and relax. We can have your order ready within 12 hours! (Attach explainer video to website)

A (motion) flyer offers extended graphics on your flyer. This feature offers engaging motions on your order which gives the flyer a magnificent visual behind the artistry created Below are some examples attached.

To download your finish product, all you have to do is sign in, head over to the ‘orders’ tab. Click ‘View’ on your order and there you will see a ‘download’ option.

New templates are added every 2 weeks. We’re working on getting our consumers new templates every week.

A PSD template is a photoshop document. This is the default format Photoshop uses for saving data.

Easy! All you have to do is log-in and head over to the ‘Orders’ section.

Our standard turnaround is typically 2-3 business days. However, we offer turnarounds as fast as 12 hours.

Yes! Your flyers can be printed. You’ll have to request the size needed of the flyer being printed. Since we don’t offer printing at the moment, you’ll need to contact your local printing shops and ask what size will be needed.

You can process your payment with your credit card or via PayPal. We use a payment system called stripe to ensure your transaction is safe and secure. We will never ask you for your card information nor we’ll be able to look at it.

Yes! Your first revision is 100% FREE on us! However, if you made your first revision and still have complications with your flyer, you can then request a second one for only 9.95!

A revision is a process we offer which allows you to request an edit if your flyer isn’t how you expected it to be. Method of us telling you, the consumer,

Unfortunately, you can’t change your order due to the variety and information settings we have with our templates.

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FlashyFlyers is all about making one of our custom templates for an upcoming event, party, booking, or anything else that is involved with the nightlife.

Our templates start at $15. We believe in affordable costs. You send us the information, we send you a magnificent visual design. n exciting visual design.

If you need to purchase in bulk (25 or more) please contact us so we can find a way to accommodate you.

Due to the digital nature of our products, unfortunately, we can’t offer a return policy. Instead, if you feel as there may have been a defect in your template we will gladly offer you a brand new download link.

We will only accept your order over email if you are having any issues with our website and can not seem to finish processing your order. We can not guarantee turnarounds on orders that have been placed over email.

Once your order is processed with our designs team you can’t cancel your order. By then, our team of designers have already started working on your precious design.

If you have difficulty or concerns with ordering on our website you can freely give us a call at (919)-438-0035. All orders must be placed online. This allows you to check your order, request revisions, view order history and is considered the safest and secure way to transmit payments from business to consumer.

If you’re having trouble uploading your pictures, logos, etc. Please give us a call or head over to our ‘Contact Us’ page and send us an email so we can assist you with the current issue.