Crappy Branding Will Kill Your Company Fast

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While there is no denying that branding is extremely important to excel in increasingly competitive markets, the quality and effectiveness of the branding tools we use are quintessential to the growth of any idea or business. Therefore, if you’re a business owner, an event organizer, or someone providing a professional service, your branding strategy including the tools and methods like getting a flyer design or a logo design that define your brand should be equally professional and streamlined to appeal to your target groups. Getting to the basics and not sugar-coating we know that compromised or crappy branding campaigns or tools not only put your entire business at risk but it will kill your company fast. Let’s see how average, unprofessional, and mediocre branding push your business downhill making it even more challenging to sustain or accelerate your business growth. Negatively impact the brand value - Your branding techniques and tools, for example, a press release, flyers, logo or simple advertisement - all of them are a medium through which you communicate with your potential customers or subscribers. The way an average potential customer perceives your business is largely influenced by the quality of these branding tools and techniques. If your business logo design is some cheap or average symbol which doesn’t reflect your brand message it is very likely that you may lose potential clients. Similarly, an impressive flyer, for example, can attract new clients and create a better impression of your brand and business in the minds of people. So careless and crappy branding negatively impacts your brand value which significantly diminishes your returns and hampers growth. Cheap branding actually costs more - Often business owners prioritize costs over quality which means they go for anything that promises a lot at a minimum price. While it is good to have a budget, when it comes to branding cheap tools and designs can actually cost you more. This is because compromised quality renders your branding efforts and strategy literally ineffective as it drives clients away from your brand instead of bringing in more. So while you spend little which may seem to be great but if that doesn’t help in client acquisition and convertibility it is all going down the drain. So, it is always recommended that to get excellent brand value one should not have an absolute priority for “Cheaper the Better” but in fact be smart and compare costs with the value and quality. This is not to say that always the costlier branding tools and designs are the best but one should be careful and critical to get the best in the budget. If we are to examine business cases, a classic example is how nightclubs or event companies with excellent flyers and posters can reach out to a large number of clients. The more attractive the flyer design or the logo design the more effective it is in getting enhanced participation. In fact, the business that uses professional designs generates at least 40% more revenues than those that go for average designs.   Be it your nightclub flyer or an event flyer, or other branding tools using graphic design - researches prove that the kind and quality of designs psychologically impact the minds of your potential customers. In his book, Emotional Design, Don Norman, explains how better designs have more emotional and psychological appeal and how improved design quality increases the credibility of the message conveyed. It makes your brand more authentic and reliable.   At Flashy Flyers, we understand the dynamics of appealing designs and make sure that your logo or flyer design templates help your brand amass more and more followers.